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Hotels in Mexico! Are you looking for Hotels in Mexico? Rusticae exclusively selected the best boutique hotels in Mexico at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels and discover all that this country has to offer.

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Hotel Escondido
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(Puerto Escondido, México)

With an enviable location in one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal corners of Mexico, found the Hotel Escondido, Grupo Habita. Everything about...


Hotel Encanto
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(Hotels in Acapulco, México)

Located at the highest point of Brisas Marques, is the perfect spot to meet the Pacific Ocean. El Encanto is sheltered in one of the best subdivisions...


Huerta Real
Hotels Only Rusticae

(Jalisco, México)

The nature, the Mexican color, the smell of wet earth and orchard, the magic of a "Magic Town" and proximity to the forest, blend into a paradise of sensations...


Downtown México
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(Mexico DF, México)

Dowtown Mexico, the Habita group of attractive hotels, is a colonial mixture of XVII century industrial architecture. Known as "The Palace of the Counts...


Hotel Boca Chica
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(Hotels in Acapulco, México)

Previously the window of the Hollywood elite 50's, Hotel Boca Chica in Acapulco, Grupo Habita, has the vintage charm and ideal for anyone looking for fun...


Hotel Deseo
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(Playa del Carmen, México)

The Hotel Desire, Grupo Habita, surprised by its style, design and cool. With an enviable location in Playa del Carmen, has a clear focus for the enjoyment...


Habita Hotel
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(Mexico DF, México)

Habita hotel is the first contemporary design of the City of Mexico, part of the hotel group Habita. It is located in the residential area of Polanco,...

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Visit Mexico in one of Rusticae´s beautiful Hotels! If you are a fan of high temperatures, beautiful nature and culture, Mexico is the country you should visit! We have a selection of 17 hotels you can visit, depending on the area you want to go to. Escape from the normal routines and take a break in this beautiful country!