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Hotels in Las Americas! Are you looking for Hotels in Las Americas? Rusticae exclusively selected the best boutique hotels in this area at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses, or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels.

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Canaima Chill House
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(Santa Teresa, Mal País, Costa Rica)

In an oasis in the middle of the jungle 500 meters from Santa Teresa, Mal Pais area best beaches in Costa Rica, found the Eco Boutique Hotel Canaima Chill...


Tumuñan Lodge
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(Colchagua Valley, Chile)

Located in the Colchagua Valley and the foothills of the Andes, Tumuñan Lodge is a charming hotel where shelter and enjoy nature. Near the city of San...


CasaMolle Villa & Golf
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(Región de Coquimbo, Chile)

Located in the Elqui Valley, one of the most unique destinations in Chile, CasaMolle Villas & Golf is presented as an exclusive accommodation for its services,...

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Las Américas Boutique luxury hotels Book Online now!

Las Américas Boutique luxury hotels Book Online now! Rusticae

Hotels in Las Americas! Suchen Sie ein Hotel in Las Américas? In Rusticae haben wir für Sie die besten Unterkünfte in Las Américas zum besten Preis ausgesucht. Kommen Sie mit Rusticae nach Las Américas mit exklusiven Angeboten und zu den besten Preisen!

In Costa Rica and Chile, we have got two beautiful typical South-American hotels in a truly rural environment. Relaxation is guaranteed and you can recharge for working life perfectly. Canaima Chill house is located in the middle of the Jungle, for the true adventure seekers and CasaMille Villa & Golf is for those who just want to relax and escape for a while.