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Hotels in Baños, Ecuador! Are you looking for Hotels in Baños, Ecuador? Rusticae exclusively selected the best boutique hotels in this area at the best prices. Visit Hotels, rural country houses, or apartments. Enjoy our exclusive offers of Rusticae Hotels and all this area has to offer!

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Know all about Baños

Baños de Agua Santa or simply Baños is an Ecuadorian city, of the Province of Tungurahua. It is a major tourist center, about 45 minutes from Ambato. Baños has a population of 12,995 people. The most important economic activity is tourism, which not only indicates that there is a lot to do in Baños, but also that the people are dedicated to tourism. The WWF nominated Baños "A Gift for the Earth", which is logical when you behold the astonishing landscapes, waterfalls and volcano. Baños is located at an altitude of 1820 meters on the foothills of the Tungurahua volcano, very close equator. It enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout most of the year. The national parks Sangay and Llanganates are located on the flanks of the area. Baños is also a center of religious pilgrimage since the hot springs are widely associated with "miraculous" cures. This because of the influence of the Dominican community that has settled in this area for a long time.

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