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Cocktail Hotels! Country houses, hotels and accommodations specialized in cocktails! Enjoy the best cocktails at these places! Are you looking for Hotels, Country houses or apartments? Rusticae has selected the best hotels for you to where you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink.

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Hotel Barosse
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(Huesca, Spain)

The Huescan Pyrenees are a world of intense emotions, and southern Jaca a window to the Collarada and Pala de Ip peaks. Barosse Hotel is a small, charming...


Casa A Pedreira
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(Pontevedra, Spain)

A great charming house requires dedication and love, and when Marian and Judit set eyes on this property, they knew they had plenty of both to spare. Abandoning...


Hotel Villa Nazules
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(Almonacid de Toledo, Spain)

The headlines of this charming hotel promotional brochure “ Vida Nazules “ means Life Nazules. It’s a claim of life in the midst of this sea of...


Hotel Nabia
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(Candeleda, Spain)

In the heart of the Tiétar Valley, on the south side of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range very close to the Virgen de Chilla shrine, this wonderful...


Box Art La Torre
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(Collado Mediano, Spain)

Hotel Box Art La Torre Madrid. Just half an hour from Madrid, placed in Sierra Guadarrama, you can find this wonderful palace from the early twentieth...


Hotel Urbisol
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(Calders, Spain)

The comfort and peace of the elegant, minimalist decor carried out its young owners Elisabet and Carles has converted the prestigious Urbisol restaurant...


Hotel El Babú
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(Caravia, Spain)

Pilar and Pedro have restored this 18th century old village house in Asturias converting it into a quite unique small hotel. El Babu small charming hotel...


Granados 83
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(Barcelona (centre), Spain)

Located in the Ensanche, Granados 83 Hotel in one of its refurbished buildings—once the Pujol i Brull Clinic, and now a designer hotel—this structure...


Hotel L'Estació
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(Bocairente, Spain)

Hotel L´Estació is located in Bocairent and its medieval quarter transport guests to another era where Moors and Christians fought on the streets. This...


Gran Derby Suite
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(Barcelona (centre), Spain)

In an attractive stone building with an English-style brick façade, the Hotel Gran Derby offers convenient access to the El Prat airport and the Barcelona...

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Cocktail Hotel

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The Cocktail Hotel, is the hotel collection where you can ask for something more than a drink. The hotels staff has been specifically taught by the Osborne professionals, so they can offer their guests the best cocktails. This hotels also offers their own training workshops! Come and experience some real cocktails at the best hotels.