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Know all about Region of Antofagasta

The port of Antofagasta and the city of Calama are in the heart of Chilean mining. In the north of Chile, where the main copper mines are located. Near this area you will also find the idyllic beaches of Mejillones, Hornitos and Juan López. With an annual temperature of 16 ° C, you´ll be able to enjoy these long calm beaches throughout the whole year. Further north you can find a Natural Monument: La Portada, an impressive natural arch located just off the cliffs. We recommend to to tour the ¨oficinas saliteras¨, or the Chilean Saltpeter works. Discover the history and mysteries of these ´ghost towns´ that were in their prime at end of the 19th/beginning of the 20th century. 215 km northeast of Antofagasta, Calama defines itself as "land of sun and copper". Its hectic commercial and entertainment life revolves around mining: here the miners of the Chuquicamata copper deposit live, distinguishable from any point in the city, since it is located just 15 km away. At any time of the year you can visit this gigantic open pit mine, which is more than four km in diameter and close to a thousand meters deep. From both cities, you can also travel to the Paranal Astronomical Center, the largest optical-infrared observatory in the Southern hemisphere. Deserts, beaches, huge mining sites, altiplanic lagoons and stargazing are the perfect combination if you take Antofagasta and Calama as your starting points. If you start your trip in Calama or San Pedro de Atacama, you can visit Aiquina, with its stone houses and mud and straw roofs, and the beautiful church where the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe takes place in September. Chiu Chiu, a small town at the bottom of a ravine, where a river allows fruits and other products to be grown, despite being located at 3,305 meters altitude. In the Chilean highlands you will enjoy amazing landscapes and the surprise of finding these villages with strong indigenous roots, where traditions of the original peoples are mixed with those of the Spanish colonizers. Where you´ll also be able to appreciate all the splendor of its festivities and rites. La Serena and Coquimbo: where you can experience the magic of the desert climate typical of the northern zone and at the same time enjoy the excellent warm water beaches. Whatever your plans are going to be while travelling through Chile, make sure to enjoy the best boutique hotels there are, by choosing from the Rusticae selection.

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