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Hotel L'Estació
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(Bocairente, Spain)

Hotel L´Estació is located in Bocairent and its medieval quarter transport guests to another era where Moors and Christians fought on the streets. This...

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2018 Rusticae Hotels Awards


On January 22, 2019, coinciding with the start of Fitur, we celebrated our Annual Hoteliers Meeting at the Zaperoco Restaurant in Madrid, surrounded by hoteliers and friends who wanted to join us on this important day for us. An event to recognize the effort made by our hoteliers to decide to dedicate themselves body and soul to their projects, working for excellence every day.

The winning categories of the Rusticae 2018 Awards were:

Hotelier of the year 2018: where people who fight for their dreams were recognized, to whom, over the years, they continue to work with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the first day, to whom they do not know limitations and they renounce to stay with a no for an answer. To the dreamer Andrés García Lara of Hospedería Bajo el Cejo in El Berro (Murcia) .

Best Initiative of the year 2018 : This award was given to the hotel that has launched a project that goes beyond the hotel business itself to enrich, improve and differentiate its value proposition. The winner was Hotel Balneario Aguas de Villaharta in Villaharta (Córdoba).

Hotel career: A very exciting prize because it values ​​the hotel's trajectory. It was at Hotel L'Estació in Bocairent (Valencia)that it has been working for more than 15 years with the illusion of the first day and have made this hotel a benchmark for the sector and for its destination.

Best hotel of the year 2018: This award is for projects that have proven to be excellent from an integral perspective: service, facilities and attention to detail, and which are also endorsed by the Customer Reviews. The deserved prize for Best Hotel Rusticae 2018, was for the Villa Magalean Hotel & Spa in Hondarribia (Guipuzcoa).

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